School of Ministry / Certificate Program

Theology and Church Leadership Certificate

Our six-course certificate program provides a Bible foundation and practical training for church leadership. The certificate program includes four core classes with a choice of two electives. It can be completed in one or two years, with entry occurring possibly at the beginning of any semester. 

Additionally, all our courses have a course audit option that will allow you to complete them without applying for a full certificate at a lower cost. 

Core Courses

  • TCL 101 Story of the Bible Part 1 (Old Testament)
  • TCL 102 Story of the Bible Part 2 (New Testament)
  • TCL 103 Christian Belief and Worldview
  • TCL 104 Key Skills for Today’s Church Leader


Electives vary per semester. View the schedule to see the current courses.


  • High School Diploma or GED Certificate
  • Statement of Ministry Experiences
  • Pastoral Reference
  • Personal Statement of Faith with 2-3 sentences summarizing your beliefs: View of God, View of the Bible, View of the Human Condition, and View of Salvation
  • Essay on why you want to enter the Theology and Church Leadership Certificate Program


How long does it take to finish?

Complete the certificate in one or two years.

Do I need prior education:

Just a copy of a high school degree or GED

Exceptions are determined at the discretion of the School of Ministry Lead Team

How much do the courses cost?

Each course costs $200.

What kind of assignments or tests are required for a course?

You can expect to have to read a textbook and complete about two assignments per course. Some professors may also include a test of the material.

Are classes in-person or online?

Some courses will be a two-hour evening class once a week for six weeks. Others will start online with reading and assignments with in-person lectures during the third, fourth, or fifth week. The classes on these intensive weekends will be on Friday night from 5:00pm to 9:00pm and Saturday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Do I have to take the courses in a particular order?

You can start taking the courses any term. There are no pre-requisites for any course and they can be taken in any order.

Can I take the courses without applying for the certificate?

Yes, you can enroll in any of the Theology and Church Leadership course without having to apply for the full certificate.

I’m a Ministry Leader or Volunteer

Programs and events to help ministry leaders and volunteers reach their full leadership potential.

I’m a Pastor

Creating a collaborative environment to connect church pastors, staff members, and volunteer ministry leaders.

I’m a Business or Organization Leader

Programs and events to help business and organization leaders reach their full leadership potential.

I’m just Looking for Leadership Training

Programs and events to help any current or aspiring leader reach their full leadership potential.

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