Do you want to become a better leader but don’t have the time to read a bunch of books and teach yourself? If you can find 1 hour each month, we can provide the content and people to help you level up and improve your practical leadership skills. We’ll watch a quick video replay of favorite Global Leadership Summit topics from the past 5 years and have meaningful discussion all while networking with other leaders. 

When: Second Monday of each month from 5:30-6:30pm (See complete date list below) 

Where: Grace Leadership Institute, 701 Holland Street, Erie, PA 16501 


December 11

Topic 1: The Science of Leadership: Impacting for Good – Vanessa Van Edwards 

Leaders are able to build both trust and confidence with their verbal cues, nonverbal signals and their mindset. Using the latest neuroscience and psychology, Vanessa gives us new strategies to feel empowered and empower those around you. 

Topic 2: Harnessing the Power of Atomic Habits – James Clear 

Learn how to make small changes that will transform your habits and deliver amazing results. 

January 8

Topic 1: Herding Tigers: Be the Leader That Creative People Need – Todd Henry 

Learn the two most important things that teams need from their leaders: stability and challenge. Hear about key leadership practices that will build a culture where people can do their best work. 

Topic 2: A Minute to Think – Juliet Funt 

As the return to a physical workspace plays out, there is good news. We have a spectacular opportunity to hit refresh and design a work culture that serves us better than ever before, with thoughtful time as part of the recipe. 

February 12

Topic: Fostering a Culture of Reinvention – Erin Meyer 

See what you can learn from Netflix about building an organizational culture that breeds innovation and flexibility. 

March 11

Topic: The Two Steps to Building a Winning Mindset – Jon Acuff  

Learn how leaders and teams can start developing a winning mindset by retiring the broken soundtracks that have been holding them back and replacing them with new ones that propel them forward. 

April 8

Topic: The Science of Connection – Vanessa Van Edwards 

As a leader navigating the daily whirlwind of conversations, agendas, and goals, how can we deeply and authentically connect with those around us? Explore the three levels of connection and how you can use masterful conversation strategies to unlock deeper levels of trust with the people around you.  

May 13

Topic 1: How to Multiply Your Time – Rory Vaden 

Get some advice on how to multiply your time—not manage or prioritize time—not how to do things more efficiently, but how to actually create more time. Learn about the strategies and tactics great organizations use to create exponential results with limited resources. 

Topic: 2: How the Best Leaders Build Resilience – Marcus Buckingham 

Drawing from a recent 25-country study, 1,000 workers per country, we can now identify and measure the components of resilience, and what you can do to cultivate it in yourself and in those you lead.

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