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Grace Leadership Institute offers a variety of programs and events to help ministry leaders and volunteers reach their full leadership potential. Our Christian-based leadership training programs will help strengthen you as an effective and righteous leader in the church and help improve your leadership skills, knowledge of biblical theology, and confidence as a Christian leader. We also offer courses to help you obtain formal certifications in ministry, theology, and Christian leadership. 

Deepen Your Biblical Understanding

Our School of Ministry offers a variety of courses that enable you to deepen your biblical knowledge and even obtain formal certifications in theology and ministry. We are also proudly partnered with Wheaton College to offer world-class courses at affordable prices. These courses are designed with you in mind to help the development of various skills useful in both your personal and ministry life. They may be a stand-alone class or be a part of one of our certificate programs. 

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Improve Your Christian Leadership Skills

Leadership Development Center
Leadership Development Center offers a variety of programs and events aimed at strengthening you as an effective Christian leader in your role as a ministry leader or volunteer.

Leadership One Days
Leadership One Days are offered two to three times per year and cover a variety of different leadership and organizational topics designed to help you lead in the church. It includes elements such as a keynote speaker, breakout sessions, or workshops.  

Christian Leadership Certificate
We also offer a formal
Certificate in Christian Leadership to help establish you as a certified Christian leader in your church or ministry. 

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TCL101 – Story of the Bible Part I

Friday 3/24  5-9pm

Saturday 3/25  8am-4pm

Seulgi Byun, Ph.D. Grove City College

This intensive course aims to introduce students to the theological message of the Old Testament books and their contribution to a canonical understanding of the Bible as a whole. To this end, there will be overviews of the major genres in the Old Testament (e.g., Pentateuch; Historical Books; Prophets; Wisdom Books) as well as deep dives into key texts.

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$200 |CORE (Theology and Church Leadership Certificate)
$100 | Audit Course

LDC100 – The Bible as Literature

Thursdays, April 12-May 17  6-8pm

Dr. William Hunter

This six-week course will deal with the Bible as a work of literature.  This means that in addition to its theological value, the Bible may also be read as a creative work, or a work of art.  There are a number of valuable methodologies used in the study of literature which provide insights into how the Bible was developed and how to read it from a variety of perspectives.  The course will deal with a wide variety of literary genres in both the Old and New Testaments.

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$200 |LDC Course
$100 | Audit Course

Story of the Bible Part I Student

It has made me very interested and excited to study the Old Testament on my own, in a more in-depth way than I ever have before.

Story of the Bible Part I Student

This course offered more than the title of the class gives away. We dove into the Old Testament and studied how themes in the OT are developed throughout the entire Bible. I will readily admit, I have not given much thought to the Bible as one whole story before this class. For ANY student looking to gain further understanding of the Bible, Old Testament, and the Jewish and surrounding cultures, TAKE THIS CLASS!

Story of the Bible Part I Student

The class deepened my understanding of parallels in God’s presence throughout the Old Testament.

Story of the Bible Part I Student

This course has given me a deeper understanding of the Torah and how it relates to the New Testament.

Story of the Bible Part I Student

This course confirmed to me that, even with a busy work and family life, it’s possible to get some quality learning and not have to compromise. Not to sound hyperbolic, but this course (and the others I plan to take after it) gave me a lot of hope and optimism.