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We offer formal courses for those seeking a deeper level of Biblical knowledge or preparation for ministry. Whether you are seeking a credit-level graduate study, further certification in church theology or leadership, or to continue your personal development, we have a program that suits you. Additionally, we now offer a course audit option that allows you to complete courses without a grade or certificate at a lower cost. 

Remaining Spring 2024 Courses

Registration Now Open.  Be sure to check back for syllabus updates.

Leadership103: The Competencies of a Leader

Thursdays, Mar. 7-Apr. 18  6-8pm (not meeting Mar. 28)

Pastor Derek Sanford, Lead Pastor at Grace Church

It is possible to know your identity and calling, to have admirable character qualities, but still not be an effective leader. Leaders need to be able to get things done. And getting things done requires certain tried and true leadership skills. Psalm 78:70 says that King David not only led his people with “integrity of heart,” but he also led them with “skillful hands.” Sometimes, Christians think that having a good heart is good enough in a leadership role, but to build an influential business or ministry, some core competencies are required.  In this course, we will look at three categories of competencies: Personal Skills, Organizational Skills, and People Skills. Specifically, we will explore things like time management, team building, problem-solving, conflict resolution, casting vision, developing others, and much more. This course will be great for any Christian leader who wants to level up in their church, business, or organization.

$150 |Christian Leadership Certificate
$100 | Audit Course

TCL101: The Story of the Bible Part 1-OT

Friday, Mar. 15  5-9pm & Saturday, Mar. 16  9am-5pm

Dr. Seulgi Byun, Grove City College

This course will introduce you to the theological message of the Old Testament books and their contribution to a canonical understanding of the Bible as a whole. To this end, there will be overviews of the major genres in the Old Testament (e.g., Pentateuch; Historical Books; Prophets; Wisdom Books) as well as deep dives into key texts.

$200 | Theology & Church Leadership Certificate
$100 | Audit Course

TCL102: The Story of the Bible Part 2-NT

Saturdays, Apr. 6 & Apr. 27  9am-4pm

Dr. Terence Paige, Houghton University

This course is a survey of the New Testament and an introduction to its interpretation. As a continuation of “The Story of the Bible” series, you will focus on the form and message of New Testament literature, New Testament theology, and the cultural-historical background.  This is a stand-alone course.  The Story of the Bible Part 1 is not a prerequisite.

$200 | Theology & Church Leadership Certificate
$100 | Audit Course

Earlier this Semester

Keep a lookout for the next time these courses are offered.

TCL109: Navigating Mental Health Issues in Ministry

Friday, Jan. 12  5-9pm & Saturday, Jan. 13  9am-5pm

Dr. Stan Tharp, Lead Pastor at Christian Life Center

Mental health issues are one of our world’s greatest epidemics of our time. In today’s world, it is essential to have a Healthy Biblical understanding of mental health, both individually and to share in ministry settings. This course will equip you with the basic psychological and Biblical principles that are necessary when considering personal mental health and practical teaching for others.

$200 |ELECTIVE (Theology & Church Leadership Certificate)
$100 | Audit Course

TCL105: How to Read and Interpret the Bible Today

Mondays, Jan. 15-Feb. 19  6-8pm

Dr. Chris Ansberry, Grove City College

This course will introduce you to the nature and function of the different forms of literature within Scripture. After completing the course, you will have a better ability to interpret biblical texts within their literary, historical, theological, and wider canonical contexts.  You will also learn valuable skills to help communicate and apply this new understanding with clarity, insight, and relevance.

$200 |ELECTIVE (Theology & Church Leadership Certificate)
$100 | Audit Course

TCL103: Christian Belief and Worldview

Friday, Feb. 9  5-9pm & Saturday, Feb. 10  9am-5pm

Dr. Daniel DeWitt, Southwest Baptist University

This course will introduce you to the theological and philosophical foundations of the Christian worldview. After completion of this course, you will have a greater understanding of the uniqueness of Christianity in relation to other worldviews and how the gospel provides an exclusive foundation for human flourishing.

$200 | Theology & Church Leadership Certificate
$100 | Audit Course

Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what he was teaching. He also engaged with us wherever we were as students. He was sincere and real!

There were so many well-planned steps and examples in the course. I felt like I was being equipped with legit spiritual armor.

You can really tell our instructor was there to both teach AND learn. He never seemed unprepared, and he is some sort of wizard at encouraging discussion and engagement. Nothing about his approach seemed forced or pretentious, and you could tell he was generally interested in our feedback.

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