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We offer formal courses for those seeking a deeper level of Biblical knowledge or preparation for ministry. Whether you are seeking a credit-level graduate study, further certification in church theology or leadership, or to continue your personal development, we have a program that suits you. Additionally, we now offer a course audit option that allows you to complete courses without a grade or certificate at a lower cost. 

Fall 2023 Courses

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TCL107: Christ and Culture

Friday, Sept. 22   5-9pm

Saturday, Sept. 23   9am-5pm

David “Duffy” Robbins, Grove City College

This course will survey some of the broad contours of culture, as well as how these cultural realities impact the way we “live and move and have our being…” (borrowed from Acts 17:28). Aside from exploring the cultural landscape, this course will focus on three essential questions:

  • What is the nature of our engagement as Christians with a culture that is not-Christian?
  • How are we to think about and respond to products and artifacts produced by the culture?
  • How do we communicate the gospel into the language and context of another culture not our own?

$200 |ELECTIVE (Theology & Church Leadership Certificate)
$100 | Audit Course

TCL108: The Stories of World Faiths

Navigating Major Religions and World Affairs

Mondays, Oct. 30-Dec 11  6-8pm (not meeting on Nov. 20)

Chuck Nelson, The Cross-Erie

In this course, you will examine the principle beliefs of the 5 major World Religions and how those faiths intersect with Christianity in beliefs and world affairs. By the end of this course, you will have a new perspective and understanding of how these views shape the world around us today.

$200 |ELECTIVE (Theology & Church Leadership Certificate)
$100 | Audit Course

    TCL104: Key Skills for Today’s Church Leader

    Thursdays, Nov. 2-Dec. 14   6-8pm (not meeting on Thanksgiving)

    Class Size: 10 People

    Pastor Derek Sanford, Grace Church

    Church leadership in the 21st century is not easy. And whether you’re a seasoned veteran or brand new to ministry, whether you are a pastor, a church staff member or a volunteer leader looking to step up your game, there are some basic ministry skills that didn’t come in the “how to be a church leader” instruction manual. In this class, students will learn key skills for real-life modern ministry. Skills like how to lead a bible study, practical discipleship principles, how to build a team, how to conduct a meeting and communicate effectively, how to care for those who are hurting and how to respond to someone in crisis. Students can expect a deeply practical course with seasoned instructors built on biblical foundations.

    $200 |CORE (Theology & Church Leadership Certificate)
    $100 | Audit Course

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