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We offer formal courses for those seeking a deeper level of Biblical knowledge or preparation for ministry. Whether you are seeking a credit-level graduate study, further certification in church theology or leadership, or to continue your personal development, we have a program that suits you. Additionally, we now offer a course audit option that allows you to complete courses without a grade or certificate at a lower cost. 


TCL101 – Story of the Bible Part I

Friday 3/24  5-9pm

Saturday 3/25  8am-4pm

Seulgi Byun, Ph.D. Grove City College

This intensive course aims to introduce students to the theological message of the Old Testament books and their contribution to a canonical understanding of the Bible as a whole. To this end, there will be overviews of the major genres in the Old Testament (e.g., Pentateuch; Historical Books; Prophets; Wisdom Books) as well as deep dives into key texts.

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$200 |CORE (Theology and Church Leadership Certificate)
$100 | Audit Course

LDC100 – The Bible as Literature

Thursdays, April 12-May 17  6-8pm

Dr. William Hunter

This six-week course will deal with the Bible as a work of literature.  This means that in addition to its theological value, the Bible may also be read as a creative work, or a work of art.  There are a number of valuable methodologies used in the study of literature which provide insights into how the Bible was developed and how to read it from a variety of perspectives.  The course will deal with a wide variety of literary genres in both the Old and New Testaments.

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$200 |LDC Course
$100 | Audit Course

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