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Here at Grace Leadership Institute, we understand the importance of great leadership and are committed to providing opportunities for growth and development. That’s why we’re thrilled to host Leadership One Day events, bringing together local experts and keynote speakers to share their wisdom and experience on a range of leadership topics.

These events have been receiving great reviews and success stories from attendees, like Laurie Enterline, who recently joined us for our “Soul Care” Leadership One Day event. At this event, Laurie and other participants were able to hear from local experts on the importance of caring for one’s soul, and how this translates to both personal and professional leadership success. Below are some key takeaways from Laurie’s experience. We hope that this will provide you with some additional insight into Leadership One Days and how they may be a great, affordable way for you to enhance your leadership skills at an upcoming event.

Laurie, what did you like about the Leadership One Day?

I appreciated the ease of registration and the information presented in an engaging, organized, and cohesive manner. This is my second Leadership One Day, and once again I walked away very glad I attended, and with information ready to apply to next steps.  The presenters were each, knowledgeable and their content relevant to a diverse group of attendees.  I so enjoyed the discussions from the participants who readily shared their insights and questions.  Finally, the organizers and volunteers kept the program on schedule and the food was amazing!!

What were your key takeaways from the event?

As an experienced leader, professionally, and in my community, I am always ready to add to my knowledge and strategies to become more effective, and this workshop definitely clarified the importance of self and professional care. One theme that was especially poignant for me is the need to be involved. To not sit-by and watch, or passively participate, but to actively contribute and to have a hands-on approach to working as a team and volunteering. Also, use people (in a positive way!) for professional and personal development. Have an advocate and seek out accountability around your goals.

Thanks for sharing a bit about your experience at the Leadership One Day, Laurie!

Join us for an upcoming Leadership One Day!

If it sounds like Leadership One Days may benefit you in your leadership journey, you can learn more about the event and sign up for an upcoming Leadership One Day here!