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Craig Groeschel often points out that: “When a leader gets better, everyone gets better.” 

Who can argue with that?  

I have seen, first-hand, the power of good leadership – casting vision, bringing needed people to the right roles, making an impact in the organization and for the intended audience, and leaving a legacy.  I have also been witness to less-than-stellar leadership. I am sure that, as I continue to grow, I have been on both sides of this spectrum through my own leadership development.  I want to constantly be getting better.  That’s why I am so excited about Grace Leadership Institute (GLI) and its mission. 

This past month, GLI and Grace Ministries again sponsored Global Leadership Summit (GLS) for the Erie area.  What a fantastic two days of learning, networking, and encouragement!  World-recognized leaders presented on topics including:  

  • Trust 
  • Humility
  • Managing the tension between error prevention and innovation
  • Wisdom
  • One percents adding up
  • Listening, learning, and loving well
  • Courage

My Biggest Takeaway from GLS 2023

While all the speakers shared from the heart and gave practical, relevant, actionable ways to improve and encourage leaders, one of my favorites was Cynt Marshall, a woman I had not heard of before the Summit.  She brought passion and high energy to her talk, encouraging leaders to take a risk and make a difference – to be all IN.  Good leaders lead with INtent, INtegrity, INclusion, INsight, and INspiration.  These foundations are built on character, respect, authenticity, fairness, teamwork, safety, and fun.  I want to be the kind of leader who is all IN! 

If you missed GLS 2023, I hope that you’ll mark your calendar now for next year, August 8-9, 2024, so that you can join with local businesses, non-profits, and churches for this amazing time of renewal. 

In the meantime, GLI is working to bring past Summit teachings to the community.  Look for more details to come about these golden nugget opportunities.   Let’s continue building strong leaders in our city, ones looking to do the right thing, not just do things right.  I hope you’ll join me! You can sign up to receive more information as it is available and learn more about GLI by filling out this form.

My 5 Favorite Quotes from GLS 2023

As for Global Leadership Summit 2023, I hope that you’ll benefit from these quotes:

*Image Source: Global Leadership Network