As another year came to end at GLI, the learning never stopped.  GLI closed out it’s 2023 academic program with the TCL104: Key Skills for Today’s Church Leader Class taught by Pastor Derek Sanford.   

The content teaching was augmented by local experts in their field of study who brought a wealth of information and practical examples of the subjects.  These instructors included Dr. Pam Pressler, Linda Goebel, Pastor Darrell Cook, Pastor Al Detter, Pastor Sarah Burtt, Pastor Brian Kelly , Dan Nichols and Tyler Miller.

How equipped do you think you are to have a “hard conversation” with someone and give healthy feedback?
Dr. Pam Pressler, MSW, LCSW, CPLC

Students from five local churches including Grace Church, Believers International Worship Center, New Life Spirit and Revival Center, Shiloh Baptist Church, and Millcreek Community Church participated in this class.

Topics such as Inductive Bible Studies, Preaching, Planning Events, Discipleship and Caring for others, and how to respond in a crises, were some of the core teachings in this class.

The level of teaching for these classes is very informative and timely.  The expertise, wealth of knowledge, and level of commitment of these instructors is not only a benefit to their churches and communities, but is also a testament to their individual ministries in serving God and their desire to help others grow educationally and spiritually.

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